Trying to decide whether to purchase used or refurbished equipment? Here are the differences.


Used Equipment

Used equipment have been cleaned and put through an inspection to determine what items need replacement, if at all. Standard maintenance is performed at this time. The equipment should be fully functional and free of any grinding noises or excessive vibrations. Used equipment should be in great condition mechanically but may have some cosmetic defects. 

Services typically performed on used equipment:

  • Full disassembly and cleaning of equipment
  • Belts replacement if applicable
  • Bearings if needed
  • Touch-up paint
  • Any parts replaced that affect the operation of the machine

Used equipment does not mean less quality. These products typically come to us in good condition, they just need a service to get them back into the market.



Refurbished equipment means that there is a full, 'frame-off' restoration of the machine, which includes:

  • New Paint or Powder Coat 
  • New Overlays & Decals 
  • New Belts & Bearings
  • Rebuilt Alternators, Motors, Clutches
  • All Electronics tested to ensure (up to) manufacturer specs 
  • All long time wear items replaced (pedals, etc) 

All refurbished equipment comes with a 12-month residential / 6-month commercial warranty. Refurbished equipment should look and feel like new.